SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Keiretsu Forum- Dec 04, 2014) –  Keiretsu Forum announces today the soft launch of their new chapter in Chennai, India. Chennai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, and was the optimal place to launch the next Keiretsu Forum chapter.

Keiretsu Forum is pleased to welcome Chennai, India as the newest addition to our global network,” said Randy Williams, Founder & CEO. “Chennai, India ranks second in India in IT export, and is an up-and-coming hub for startup activity. We are incredibly excited to be expanding here and tapping into all that Chennai has to offer.”

Keiretsu Forum Chennai, will be headed by Subra Iyer (Co-President of Keiretsu Forum Chennai & Singapore), Rajan Srikanth (Co-President of Keiretsu Forum Chennai & Singapore), and Usha Nagarajan (Managing Director, Keiretsu Forum Chennai).

The soft launch was attended by 40 people from the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Chennai, including investors, incubators, educational institutions, and lawyers, among others.  The formal launch is planned for February 6, 2015.

Keiretsu Forum is the largest global angel network with 34 chapters and over 1,400 accredited investor members and affiliates. Founded in September 2000 by Randy WilliamsKeiretsu Forum‘s communities of accredited angel investor members on three continents have provided more than $400 million of capital into technology, consumer products, Internet, healthcare, life sciences and real estate companies throughout the world.  Keiretsu Forum members provide capital in the range of $250k-$3 million for high-quality, diverse investment opportunities. Members collaborate on due diligence and make their own individual investment decisions.

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