The presenting companies have been confirmed for the Keiretsu Forum Angel Capital Expo on November 20th.

The Angel Capital Expo is the premier gathering of the angel capital community. The Expo brings together angel investors and entrepreneurs looking for funding. Angel Capital Expo is organized by Keiretsu Forum, the largest global angel investment network, and was created to foster collaboration among angel groups, as well as reach out to the larger investment community. The event features 20 presenters from early stage companies. Companies selected are from a variety of different industries ranging from technology, life sciences, consumer products, real estate, financial services, social ventures and other segments with high growth potential.

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07:30am-08:30am Registration, Breakfast & Booth Exhibitors
08:30am-08:35am Opening Remarks: Randy Williams
08:35am-08:45am Welcome Global Keiretsu Forum Team
08:45am-09:00am Angel Capital Expo Sponsor Introductions
09:00am-10:30am Block I Presentations
10:30am-11:00am Break & Booth Exhibitors
11:00am-12:30pm Block II Presentations
12:30pm-01:30pm Lunch & Booth Exhibitors
01:30pm-01:35pm Maserati Raffle Drawing
01:35pm-03:05pm Block III Presentations
03:05pm-03:10pm Exclusive Resorts Raffle Drawing
03:10pm-03:30pm Guest Speaker, Dr. Jeffrey Sohl, Professor of Entrepreneursip
03:30pm-03:45pm Most Valued Company Competition Sponsored by Exclusive Resorts
03:45pm-04:00pm Results of the Competition & Closing Remarks
04:00pm-05:00pm Reception, Networking and Adjourn


Presentation #1: TranscribeMe, Alexei Dunayev
TranscribeMe makes audio content searchable and shareable, by converting speech to text, using a hybrid software + crowd-sourced platform. For complex audio with multiple speakers, overlapping conversations, ambient noise, or subject-specific jargon, we produce a 99% accurate, speaker identified transcription, using our proprietary micro-tasking technology which allows pieces of audio to be processed in parallel. We primarily serve corporations, conferences, writers, podcasters and academics who gain value from the ability to analyze, search, share and monetize their content.

Update #1: TesoRX– Will Robberts, President & CFO
TesoRx is a specialty pharma company developing the only bio-identical oral Testosterone therapy (TSX-002) to treat hypogonadism in men (“Low-T”).

Presentation #2: Drever Capital Management– Maxwell Drever, Managing Partner
Drever Capital Management has always taken a flexible, opportunistic and value-add approach towards real estate investing, with their historical high returns sourcing from safety first investments in a “necessity of life.” Considered by their institutional investors as “best of class” in workforce apartments, their shift in focus to cost-effectively supplying seniors communities for the tsunami of middle-market retirees leverages 40+ years of experience in identifying uncommonly rewarding opportunities that produce uncommon returns for investors.

Presentation #3: Kiwi Crate – Sandra Oh Lin, Founder & CEO
Kiwi Crate was founded around the vision of supporting kids’ creativity by providing convenient access to inspirational ideas and quality materials. Our mission is to equip the next generation of innovators and makers with tools for creative problem solving and exploration. We’ve built a robust commerce and content platform to support the delivery of fresh hands-on projects and quality content for young makers of all ages – through a subscription service, an ecommerce shop, and the retail channel.

Update #2: Viakoo – Bud Broomhead, CEO
Viakoo is expert on video network infrastructure behavior and the reasons video streams fail. As computer scientists, they have been troubleshooting customer on-premise video networks for a long time. When video cameras are down, enterprise risk is up.

Update #3: ThinkSpider – Srikant Sharma, CEO
Enterprises and professionals today are reeling from massive inefficiencies in getting work done. Estimates of the costs of these inefficiencies exceed $700 billion in the US in 2013. However, all of the solutions in the market are suboptimal and imperfect – because they don’t simultaneously address the needs to the business user and the CIO. ThinkSpider is a game-changing solution that redefines and reinvents enterprise work management in a manner that hasn’t been done yet. It is an urgent problem that is a $70 billion opportunity, and no solution positioned to capture this market. The prize for the winner in this lucrative enterprise space is massive.

Seed #1: Tempo Automation – Jeff McAlvay, CEO
Tempo Automation is a success if every product in the world is developed on our electronics printers. After the materials are loaded and the engineer presses “Make,” the printer spits out a commercial-grade board a few minutes later.


Presentation #4: True Investments – Elizabeth Holmes, Vice President, Private Capital
True Investments Real Estate Fund II, LP (“Fund II”) is a private investment partnership seeking capital commitments of $25 million from accredited investors. Leveraging off the expertise of Fund I, Fund II will acquire, renovate, lease & manage a portfolio of approximately 800 single family residential (“SFR”) rental homes for investment benefits, notably current yield & capital appreciation. Fund II will operate in vetted markets identified by positive demographic & economic trends such as Pittsburgh, PA; Dallas-Fort Worth, TX; Memphis, TN; Kansas City, MO; and Jackson, MS. Fund II investments provide a rental housing solution for working class families while revitalizing communities. Fund II will utilize the operational expertise of the Fund Manager which has deployed $42 million of True family capital since 2012. The strategy capitalizes on the sponsor’s commitment to revitalization, capital appreciation through a non-correlated, transparent portfolio with multiple exits and a reoccurring annuity.

Presentation #5: Abom, Inc. – Jack Cornelius, Chairman & CEO
Abom, Inc. is the business of inventing, producing, marketing and selling innovative products with applications in consumer, government and industry. The first line of products that Abom’s team has invented and patented includes anti-fog active technology that will NOT ALLOW fog to survive in snow goggles and other types of active sports eyewear. Abom’s true fog killing technology has the potential for broad application in products that Abom or others, through licensing arrangements, will bring to market. Besides the Abom team’s work to bring its own products to market, Abom is also in early discussions with multiple industry focused players that have interest in potentially licensing our technology.

Presentation #6: NeuroSyntek Modeling & Manufacturing – Dr.Victor V.Boksha, Executive Chairman
NeuroSyntek is Silicon Valley company – building solutions on its next generation silicon bio-cells platform with adaptive architecture and ability for learning. For example, the driving force for live neurons to interact with transistors is to build neuro-networks similar to the brain structure. Currently NeuroSyntek is focused on stem-cells research and therapies, building tools for personal medicine and new treatments of nervous system disorders, diabetes, autoimmune and other diseases. Roadmap products are being built with biological neural networks processors for uniquely intelligent machines: toys, cyber-pets, and robots with living beings’ behavior – adaptive and emotionally intelligent – as our friends, family, and children. This is how we merge with our technology. Now.

Update #4: Wellesley Pharmaceuticals, David Dill, CEO
Wellesley developed a new drug called Paxerol™. This revolutionary drug, protected by 6 patents till or beyond 2030, is the first and only treatment for Nocturia, the frequent need to urinate at night.  Paxerol™ is a low dose combination of safe drugs in an extended release orally disintegrating tablet formulation. Nocturia afflicts 2.2 billion people and causes insomnia, fatigue, depression, and lower quality of life. It is linked to higher rates of heart disease, stroke, deadly hip fractures, long term brain damage due to sleep deprivation, and significantly higher death rates in all age ranges.  Compared to existing partial alternatives, Paxerol™ has shown superior efficacy, time to efficacy and affordable pricing with significantly fewer side effects.

Presentation #7: Owlized – Aaron Selverston, Founder & CEO
Owlized is a visualization solutions company that produces OWL®, a public, outdoor virtual reality viewer that shows users the future or history of a place. OWL has been sold to cities, commercial property developers and others as a unique tool for building public support for construction projects and building tourist attractions.


Presentation #8: YouSolar, Inc – Arnold Leitner, Founder and CEO
Customer-owned solar PV panels and lithium-ion battery power systems are a faster, cheaper and better way to deliver power in emerging markets and to “green” power supply. Similar to how mobile phones changed telecommunications, solar-battery systems will drive a global transformation worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The company offers a plug-and-play, internet-connected system built on patented power technology for a significant competitive advantage and a highly scalable business model. First launch is in India in 2015.

Presentation #9: Overlake Capital – Blake Robbins, Senior Portfolio Manager
Overlake Capital is a Bellevue, WA, boutique investment firm that has operated one of the Northwest’s top performing real estate funds for over two years running. Investors in Overlake’s Flagship fund have enjoyed annual returns in excess of 14% since its inception in 2012. Overlake’s investment strategy combines the high returns of short term, senior position bridge loans with the risk-minimizing elements of ultra-high equity and mortgage insurance.

Seed #2: GreenFire Energy – John Muir, CEO
GreenFire Energy is developing the world’s only globally scalable, clean, baseload/flexible power technology. Harnessing the earth’s most abundant, “always-on” source of energy, GreenFire’s proprietary CO2 Geothermal™ (“CO2G™”), will generate grid-scale power at very competitive prices with zero emissions and no water consumption. CO2G™ was developed via a DOE grant and involvement by major national laboratories (Los Alamos, Lawrence Berkeley, Pacific Northwest) and the University of Utah. Using supercritical CO2 instead of water makes CO2G™ dramatically more predictable and profitable than conventional geothermal, and vastly increases the number of feasible sites. The unique ability to provide baseload and flexible power makes CO2G™ an ideal component of today’s dynamic power networks. The company seeks additional funding for operations and the last proof-of-concept projects prior to a demonstration/commercial installation with strategic partners. GreenFire will license CO2G™ technology and provide advisory services for commercial power projects worldwide.

Presentation #10: Argil – Damoder Reddy, CEO
Argil is developing cost effective Smart Window Film that dynamically controls the amount of light passing through the window to improve energy efficiency of buildings and passenger comfort in automobiles. Argil designs, builds (using contract manufacturers) and sells Electrochromic (Switchable) Film to glass companies who manufacture insulated glass for building applications and laminated glass for automotive applications.

Presentation #11: Surfdash – Jenna Gavin, CEO
Enterprise, Government and Academia are all seeking to collaborate within and across industry. Surfdash Inc.’s flagship product, Peerdash, is a Content Management System (CMS) with superior file transfer and social business tools that outpaces current market solutions in storing, sharing, organizing, retrieving, and contextualizing data. Leadership is comprised of Seyed Safakish, Sr. Dir. Juniper Networks and Jenna Gavin, J.D. a media business strategist with expertise in Intellectual Property. As a solution combining private servers with cloud functionality, Peerdash far exceeds legacy technologies – such as external drives or cloud solutions, like DropBox – in security, workflow, and multi-enterprise collaboration.

Presentation #12: Voxeet – Stephane Giraudie, Founder & CEO
Built from the ground up for mobile users, Voxeet is redefining conferencing with calls that feel as natural as being in the same room. With exceptionally clear 3DHD audio, an intuitive interface and one-click transfers between devices, you’ll hear every word and always know who’s talking, making every Voxeet meeting more efficient and effective. The straightforward setup makes scheduling and attending meetings so simple, you never have to dial in or use a PIN—we’ll call you. With its uncomplicated calling and unparalleled sound quality, Voxeet makes it easy to connect through conferencing on any device, anywhere.

About Keiretsu Forum
Keiretsu Forum was founded by Randy Williams in 2000, and is the largest global angel investment network with 34 chapters on 3 continents. Our members are accredited private equity (angel) investors, VCs and corporate investors. Keiretsu Forum members provide early-stage capital in the range of $500k-$2 million. The organization itself does not invest in the presenting companies. Our members collaborate on screening and due diligence but make individual investment decisions in the presenting companies. Our Northern California members invested in 29 ventures in 2013 with a total of $8.66 million.  So far in 2014, Northern California members have invested over $13.5 million in 24 companies.