• The second Microsoft Investment Forum was held in collaboration with Keiretsu Forum, the leading global angel investor network.
  • Access to investors is just one of the advantages of Microsoft’s program for entrepreneurs, which does more than just provide startups with technology
  • The 10 startups selected for Microsoft’s Bizspark program have requested funding ranging from 100,000 to 500,000 dollars in order to implement their initiatives

Madrid, June 2015 —  Microsoft has taken another step in its firm commitment to entrepreneurship and during the 2nd Investment Forum held together with Keiretsu Forum, the company has helped realize the projects of a select group of startups, after attracting funding from Spanish and international investors.

10 innovative Spanish projects, which are part of Microsoft’s Bizspark program, have had the opportunity to explain and present their initiatives to more than 30 private investors attending this forum, who are members of the Keiretsu Forum network, a global investment community of accredited private equity angel investors, venture capitalists and corporated and institutional investors with which Microsoft holds a collaboration agreement. Entrepreneurs requested investment ranging from 100,000 euros to 500,000 euros in order to develop and implement their business ideas.

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. 80% of businesses do not survive their first year of life, according to the Spanish Institute of Statistics (INE). And out of the 20% that do survive, only half reach their fifth year. One of the main obstacles that startups face in order to make the leap from being entrepreneurs to becoming viable businesses is funding. Mindful of this, Microsoft’s program for startups, BizSpark, does not just offer them the technology needed for their business to take shape but also helps them to find the financial backing to achieve this. Thanks to its agreement with bodies from Keiretsu Forum, the company drives the creation and development of technology-based startups in Spain.

“Spain has become a particularly attractive location for startup investment.  At Microsoft, we believe that entrepreneurs are the key drivers of innovation and will be the companies of the future. Thanks to our agreement with Keiretsu Forum and to events like this, we help make the dreams of entrepreneurs come true,” commented Sonia Matzo, Head of Entrepreneurs and Innovation Centers at Microsoft Ibérica.

“The potential of innovation and entrepreneurship in Spain is growing constantly.  Our network of investors has been pleasantly surprised and satisfied by the very high level of initiatives presented today during the 2nd Investment Forum that we have organized in collaboration with Microsoft,” highlights Judith Iglehart, Global Vice President of Kereitsu Forum.

Exovite, the project investors value the most

Exovite is the entrepreneurial initiative that investors at the 2nd Keiretsu Forum and Microsoft Investment Forum have valued the highest. This biotechnology startup from the region of Aragon has designed a new system that helps rehabilitate broken bones and muscles through 3D printing and telemedicine and reduces patient recovery time by between 20% or 30%.

Exovite has been running for a year and a half and is part of Microsoft’s BizSpark program, as well as being able to join Microsoft’s startup accelerator program based in Tel Aviv.

Apart from Exovite, another 9 startups took part in the event, with projects focusing on themes and sectors as diverse as digital identity, buying and selling vehicles, smart tools for recreational boat owners, teaching programming, hotel and catering, videogame development or online decoration

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