Elizabeth Cooper is currently COB of FourQ technologies Inc. FourQ operates,  ShiftPosts an early stage company whose marketplace helps distribute  opportunity for work to qualified individuals in the health care arena. Elizabeth  Cooper is also a General and Managing Partner in Clean Cities GP and ASEAN  LP, and is Managing Director for Clean Cities Management LLC, responsible for  vetting new project developments, finance and investment structure for the fund.  She has more than 20 years experience in finance, corporate development,  marketing, sales, and communications with both early stage and growth  companies. Her past experience as an operating executive, and as a general  partner in both Venture and Private Equity funds give her a unique insight into  the real operations and potential of pre-public companies. These past several  years she has managed and helped finance nearly 2 Billion in projects and  worked with more than 85 companies, 5 from inception into the public markets.  ACC is her third special purpose fund in the Clean-tech arena.  

In her early career Ms. Cooper gained broad experience helping to develop more  than 65 young companies and worked closely with major Venture Firms to drive  these early stage companies through the financing process. She specialized in  adding value to companies by arranging partner and alliance marketing  strategies, which helped ease customer acceptance of these new entities and  their technology. Venture clients included, Accel, NEA, Morganthaler Ventures,  Mohr Davidow, Draper Esquin, Crosslink Capital, and Jim Breyer etc. 

Ms. Cooper’s educational background has served as a catalyst to invest, develop  and advise Health tech companies in particular as a seed and angel investor.  With investments in companies such as Mammoth Biosciences, the leading  CRISPR technology platform developed by the University of California’s BIO  sciences faculty she is often looking at “what’s next” in healthcare. Her deep  science background allows her to advise early stage health tech companies on  strategy and development, while her network in the health care arena can  provides access to important strategic relationships in the healthcare industry.  

Her education includes; B.S. in Biochemistry from UC Davis, graduate work in  Economics, and Business at both UC Berkeley and Stanford, and participation in  multiple corporately sponsored education programs for executives. Corporate  education programs have encompassed public speaking, leadership and  management of technical firms, negotiations and effective time management for  large organizations. She regularly serves the Stanford Graduate school of  Engineering and Environment as a Mentor and Advisor in their entrepreneurship  program.

For recreation Ms. Cooper holds a commercial pilot rating and enjoys playing  golf, tennis and any other outdoor sport including advanced open water diving and cycling. Her philanthropic interests include: serving on the Joyful Heart  organizations L.A. committee and is Co-Chair to JHF’s San Francisco Bay Area  committee. JHF is an organization dedicated to ending violence against women  and children. Ms. Cooper also co-chaired and directed the Packard Foundation  golf tournament at Stanford for more than 7 years. Assisting the organization in  raising 10’s of millions to fight ALS and to establish the Bob Packard foundation and clinic at John’s Hopkins. She is currently a trustee for the San Francisco  Girls School, a STEM focused high school due to open in the fall of 2021.  

Ms. Cooper earned a first class ranking in the Girl Scouts and continues to serve  that organization whenever possible. She also earned an IFR rating in piloting  fixed wing aircraft and an advanced open water diving certificate for recreation.