I remember coming out of JumpStartDays in October of 2011 completely inspired and craving the opportunity to engage more in the world of angel investing. It was the perfect starting point for a student interested in both the financial and startup worlds. I would continue volunteering for JumpStartDays and received a few chances to check out the big show where 5 companies had a chance to pitch on the main stage to over 100 angels in the heart San Francisco for a chance at major funding. I hung on every word of the pitches and investor feedback and even had the chance to mix and mingle with the angels during breaks – most of which were successful entrepreneurs with a wealth of knowledge.

I would jump at the opportunity to intern for Keiretsu in the Spring of 2012 and eventually Summer 2012. This took my learning experience even further by getting to engage with a high-performing team and learn the true behind the scenes elements of the angel investing world. Randy Williams is a true visionary CEO who has created a business and community that is not only successful, but also giving to the entrepreneurs and members.

The Keiretsu headquarters team exposed me to all facets of the investing world. I would listen in on calls with established startup CEOs, conduct due diligence on the monthly high-volume deal flow, analyzing slide decks and business plans, and help out across all facets of business development. Working under Sonja Markova gave me the chance to learn what it meant to be truly dedicated and settle for nothing less than the best. She has an unparalleled business sense and eye for great deals. These are just two of the many amazing individuals I had a chance to learn from.

There are few places I could have received such a broad, hands-on education. Working at Keiretsu was a priceless learning experience I couldn’t get in the classroom. I had a chance to gain exposure to all facets of the startup world. Not only did I learn about the startups themselves, but I also had the chance to gain exposure to a variety of sectors including Life Science, Clean Tech, Software, and Consumer.

Moreover, getting the chance to observe startup pitches, hear investor feedback, and engage with industry experts would prove to be invaluable preparation as I embarked on my own ventures. I would highly recommend interning for Keiretsu Forum to anyone who is fortunate enough to get the opportunity. I am truly grateful to the Keiretsu Corporate team and the community at large for helping me on my path to a successful career.

Jeremy Fiance interned for Keiretsu Forum October 2011 to July 2012. He is currently a junior undergraduate at UC Berkeley studying Interdisciplinary Business. Jeremy is Northern California President of Kairos Society, an international student entrepreneur community. He is also currently pursuing a venture called VIRES, an engineering company that develops high-growth sustainable products, including vehicle transmissions, mini-UAV wings, plastic recycling machine, and wind turbines. VIRES was recently named one of Inc Magazine’s Coolest College startups. 

If you are interested in interning with Keiretsu Forum, please contact Summer Williams, Associate, Keiretsu Forum Northern California.