One of the many benefits of being a Keiretsu Forum member is receiving access to high-quality international deal flow, with high-growth potential.

Keiretsu Forum Istanbul Chapter President, Asli Gozoren, and Keiretsu Istanbul members have taken the utmost advantage of the Keiretsu Global network by initiating global trips to screen new, international deals and to expose themselves to deals all over the world.

Istanbul members will first travel to Israel to join Keiretsu Forum Tel Aviv members, Tel Aviv Chapter President, Danny Arazi, and Keiretsu Forum President of International Chapters, Judi Igelhart, to evaluate three companies.  The three companies that will be presenting to the high-profile global investors will be Evolita, Fiix, and Profility.  These companies have been hand-picked and screened by the Keiretsu Forum Tel Aviv Chapter.

It is no wonder the first global trip will be to Israel, as Tel Aviv is one of the most dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystems, and has been ranked one of the world’s most innovative cities, said to rival only Silicon Valley. “Ask any entrepreneur for a list of the most renowned cities in the world for starting-up in and you can be sure that Tel Aviv will be one of the first names to roll off their tongue,” says Virgin Entrepreneur.

Istanbul has also become a new startup hub, with innovative companies and growing network of angel investors and VC’s to back these deals.  Keiretsu Forum Istanbul members are a dynamic part of this ecosystem, and both Keiretsu Istanbul and Tel Aviv members will benefit greatly from this visit.

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