Keiretsu Forum, the largest angel investor network in the world will launch its third Canadian chapter in Waterloo, Ontario on March 5th2014. This is yet another confirmation that the ultra-entrepreneurial spirit of the Toronto-Waterloo corridor continues to charm the world business community.

With its headquarters in San Francisco, Keiretsu Forum established its second Canadian chapter in Toronto exactly one year ago in March 2013. With the addition of Waterloo, the network will have 1400+ accredited investor members in 28 cities across three continents.

“With countless services focused on seed stage companies, Canada is arguably the best place to start a business in the world.” said Ozan Isinak, President of Keiretsu Forum Central Canada. “However, we seem to hit a wall at the growth stage. These growth stage companies need access to global distribution channels, strategic partners, growth capital and leadership which will enable them to become competitive global players.” This is where Keiretsu Forums’ value and power lies. Its global reach allows entrepreneurs syndicated access to vital growth stage capital and to distribution channels that otherwise would be exceptionally difficult to attain.

Keiretsu Forum members receive access to high quality deal flow from around the world by enjoying the benefits of collectively screening and syndicating those companies receiving the most interest from investors in each chapter.

“With the Toronto-Waterloo corridor in operation, we hope to identify the best Canadian companies and provide them the opportunity to become successful on the global stage. This is exactly what Canada needs in order to secure its future as a competitive country.” said Isinak in a recent interview.

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