San Francisco-based Adina for Life, Inc., creators of Adina beverages, today announced they have expanded distribution of their new beverage line called “Adina Holistics™”, making it available now to consumers throughout California, Nevada, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. The new line of herbal elixirs was inspired by a vision of a world that “Drinks No Evil” for the consumer who is both health-conscious and passionate about good taste. Acknowledging the growing awareness and acceptance of holistic and natural health by U.S. consumers, “Adina for Life” created the line of USDA organic beverages that will tap into the 5,000 year old “emerging trend” of Ayurveda.

Adina Holistics™ is available in five varieties—“BlackberryHibiscus”, “HoneyEucalyptis”, “PeachAmalacki”, “MangoOrangeChamomile”, and “HoneyLemonAloe”, each featuring its own unique, delicious herbal flavor profile, and recognizable by the whimsical monkey on the bottle.

Deriving its company name from the word “adina”, which loosely translates to “life in its holistic and spiritual dimension”, the Adina team, which is comprised of seasoned beverage industry veterans that include the Founders of Odwalla® and SoBe®, strives to create beverages that provide a healthier alternative to the highly refined sugar filled options that have been linked to obesity and diabetes.

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