Keiretsu Forum – World’s Largest Early Stage Investor Network

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Keiretsu is the world’s most active early stage investment network and we are working hard to make sure that our portfolio companies have access to the best advice, and that deserving entrepreneurs can gain access to our global network of investors. Right now, all of our 53 global chapters and our thousands of investor members have moved to virtual meetings. If you are an investor, please join us by clicking where indicated. We would love to have you investing with our members.

For those of you who are entrepreneurs, the advice we are giving our own portfolio companies right now is as follows:

  • Take swift action to cut costs and reduce burn rates – earlier decisions are rarely regretted.
  • Variabilize as much cost as possible with immediate effect, and shifting to equity based compensation where it makes sense.
  • Negotiate now with vendors, landlords, and so on to see what can be reduced or deferred.
  • Slow down payables, including maximizing payment schedules against terms and conditions.
  • Focus on revenue generation, including reordering priorities and re-planning the road-map to make sure the top line is emphasized.
  • Move quickly to get to the head of the queue for government support, non-dilutive funding such as defense grants, and so on.
  • Defer any discretionary development road-map modules that are off the critical path.
  • Strengthen the balance sheet including closing any outstanding commitments and exploring venture debt and lines of credit.

This list is illustrative, not exhaustive, and our members stand ready to help portfolio company CEO’s who need advice and counsel.

Click Here To See The Global Virtual Meeting Calendar