By Gordon Oliver Columbian Business editor

Ken Levy is full of ideas, and the successful entrepreneur appears to be onto something big with his latest business venture.

The Stevenson resident is CEO of 4-Tell, a company he co-founded in 2009, which helps companies boost their e-commerce sales by steering customers to products they might like in addition to what they set out to buy. 4-Tell’s business customers report sales increases of 10 to 25 percent by using the constantly updated software, Levy said.

His firm, incorporated in Oregon but operating largely out of Levy’s home office in Stevenson, has 100 business customers so far and is growing at breakneck speed, Levy said.

“This year, we’re growing 25 percent month over month,” said Levy, who works with co-founder Neil Lofgren and two sales representatives. “We’re having trouble handling all the demand.”

The company’s annual revenue is less than $1 million, but Levy anticipates the company could grow in five years to an annual revenue of $80 million and 150 to 200 employees.

The basic concept of 4-Tell’s service is familiar to anyone who has bought a product from or rented a movie from Netflix. In both cases, a selection leads to recommendations of other products or movies they might enjoy.

4-Tell brings a similar targeting tool to online businesses. Most of its early adopters are small companies, but Columbia Sportswear and Icebreaker are among its customers and it hopes to appeal to retailers of all sizes. The price of 4-Tell’s services is based on page views, but generally ranges from $50 and $675 per month. Levy aims for companies to achieve revenue growth 10 times greater than the cost of 4-Tell’s service.

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