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Read what graduates of the Keiretsu Academy North have to say about their experiences.

“The Keiretsu academy was a great experience for me personally. Being a part of the investor community themselves, the Keiretsu members gave us a clear picture of how we appear in the eyes of an investor and how to represent our company and our dreams better as a business. The sessions were simply amazing. It helped tremendously with our confidence and with the feedback we were able to transform our pitch from an academic presentation to something that is truly investor ready.” Bin Liu – Co-Founder & CEO of iMerciv Inc.

“Keiretsu Academy is a great experience for those who decide to take the plunge and get their business plan or idea off the ground. You are given critical feedback from individuals that have been there before and succeeded. The process allows you to optimize your strategy and tailor your story so that you have access to the expertise and the resources needed to make your business win. It is evident that the Keiretsu sessions tremendously improve one’s slide deck and allows you to communicate your business or mission as effectively as possible.” Arjun Mali – Co-Founder & CFO of iMerciv Inc.

“The sessions have been really informative and useful…I have been to many workshops in the past and I thought I’ve rated workshops before but I didn’t know what great workshop was until I saw some of the information here. And that is probably because there are actual experts that are working in the field not just people who have second-hand knowledge. It’s been really beneficial to get that first-hand knowledge.” Dr. Michael Chrostowski – President of Sound Options

“It was really awesome. Completely changed my whole presentation. If you have thought about investors, take this program. It’s must.” Anton Kabanov – Founder & CEO of MBLOK

“This program gave me a really good insight into what I need to do to get my company to point where I can start to pitch for angel investors. I found it was really interesting and important for me to understand a lot of legal complexities and a lot of ways that I need to start working right from the start to make sure my company is organized and successful.” Rob Andrews – CEO of Heliolytics

“We’ve been looking for ways of trying to develop our business and had a lot of success today learning from Keiretsu Academy about things that we have to consider related to IP development, business development, and corporate structure” Prof. Gilbert Walker – CTO of Sylleta

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