Course: Angel Investment Simulator

Experience the capital raising process first-hand


These three modules follow the angel investment process but without the risk. This is a “learning by doing program” where Entrepreneurs participate in every aspect of raising capital and benefit from practicing before it really counts.

You are immersed into the Keiretsu Forum process to receive direct experience on how companies position themselves for investment and global syndication.

Download (PDF) the full description of the ‘Angel Investment Simulator’ program.

3 Modules to get you ready without the risk


Learn the “do’s and don’ts” by watching real life investment presentations.

  1. Get “behind the scenes” to see what happens at angel investor meetings by participating on our live Forum broadcasts
  2. Watch and critique real pitches
  3. Learn what investors are looking for and how deals are structured
  4. Uncover common questions angels ask
  5. Assess live company pitches using the same documents as Keiretsu investing members use
  6. See what it takes to syndicate a company on the international theater


Present your company (twice) at a real Keiretsu Forum deal screening.

  1. Receive feedback directly from angel investors
  2. Complete application forms to start the investor process
  3. Prepare your company summary sheet
  4. Develop a template pitch deck of 12 key areas of interest, opportunity & risk for external investment
  5. Understand and begin the due diligence process
  6. Structure your data room
  7. Complete the Keiretsu Forum Due Diligence Kick Starter document


Get your company documentation ready with expert legal & accounting advice

  1. Discuss and review corporate documentation
  2. Plan your IP protection strategy with a patent lawyer
  3. Review and complete your documentation (Incorporation filing, Shareholder’s Agreement, Employment Agreement, Proprietary Rights Assignment Agreement, Non-disclosure Agreement)
  4. Review and begin to prepare an investment term sheet
  5. Explore pre-money valuation models

Maximum Flexibility

We understand entrepreneurs are busy wearing many hats and juggling many schedules. These modules have been designed to allow for maximum flexibility:


  1. Participate in person or remotely
  2. Take these modules in any sequence or concurrently
  3. Multiple start dates every month

How Do I Register and Program Cost

  • Program Cost = $5,000 per company
  • Companies are encouraged to include 2 representatives in all sessions
  • OCE SmartStart applicants should identify Kieretsu Forum in Question 10B, when completing the SmartStart application.


Presenting at Keiretsu Forum Central Canada

Presenting at Keiretsu Forum Central Canada

Keiretsu Forum

Keiretsu Forum

Keiretsu Forum

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