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Below are the companies that graduated from Keiretsu Academy. If you would like to see their video testimonials, please click here. If you would like to read their testimonials, please click here.

Heliolytics provides the tools and services to decrease risk and improve system yields. Helioliytics core technology uses specialized optics and service platforms to collect high resolution infrared imagery of operating PV assets. We have solutions which allow access to all forms of PV installations worldwide.
MBLOK is for high class lawyers and businessmen who are frustrated by lack of security and compatibility when managing content between multiple devices. MBLOK’s product is a personal portable network device that creates an easy and secure file sharing. It provides users with the ability to manage content offline in their own private network wherever they are.
Qoints is a SaaS digital marketing intelligence and competitive benchmarking tool. It gives marketers access to a massive repository of digital promotion data as well as a place to store and analyze their own. That data can be compared to the larger set so agencies and brands can measure how well they are performing against their competition, and used for predicting the outcomes of different campaigns before they start.
Sound Options
Sound Options
Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments Inc. has developed novel tinnitus therapies that are effective and affordable. The mission is to provide a new type of customized sound therapy that will revolutionize the way patients manage their tinnitus. Specifically, our treatment will not only have scientifically validated efficacy but also delivered in a convenient way and at a price point that is within reach of most tinnitus sufferers.
Suncayr is developing a UV responsive marker that tells you when to reapply sunscreen. Sunscreen does not last on skin forever, and the current best method of staying protected is re-applying at an arbitrary time. Consumers apply Suncayr’s marker ink to the skin and see a colour change when UV rays hit their skin, because their sunscreen has worn off. This colour change indicates they need to reapply.
Sylleta Inc. is a Toronto based company developing cost‐effective and eco‐friendly solutions for the marine industry. Our mission is to help Aquaculturists grow fish in a healthy environment and help reduce fuel costs in the marine transportation industry in a cost‐effective way.
Enceladus Medical Imaging
Enceladus Imaging Inc. (Encaladus) is commercializing state-of-the-art image processing technology for the industrial automation market. It has just released its first product: a camera that is able to visualize the welding processed with unparalleled image quality and fidelity.
iMerciv caters to the orientation and mobility needs of the global visually impaired community. iMerciv aims to empower blind, deaf-blind and visually impaired communities through new wearable assistive technology. The BuzzClip, is a discreet and versatile wearable clip that uses an ultrasonic sensor to detect obstacles within the proximity of the user and provides an intuitive tactile feedback that varies based on the distance to the obstacle.
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