Keiretsu Due Diligence Handbook


The Keiretsu Forum members have developed a thorough and comprehensive due diligence process that is applied to all companies prior to member investment. The due diligence process is now available in The Keiretsu Forum Due Diligence Handbook, which represents more than a decade of knowledge and best practices vetted by over a thousand Keiretsu Forum investor members world-wide.

Keiretsu Forum Central Canada provides an additional ‘Due Diligence Kick-Starter’ document to all presenting entrepreneurs. This document is designed to facilitate the transition from pitch to due diligence and ultimately transforms from a ‘kick-starter’ document to the real ‘Due Diligence Document’ at the end of the process.

In addition to the Due Diligence Kick-Starter document, Keiretsu Forum Central Canada provides project management expertise to further facilitate the diligence process for our members and entrepreneurs.

Keiretsu Forum is pleased to offer our member-designed Due Diligence Handbook free of charge as an iBook for iPad and in PDF download to benefit investors and entrepreneurs around the world. We hope this resource will serve as a valuable tool in supporting your own due diligence efforts.




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