Investor Overview

Keiretsu Forum brings together its investor members with the best investment opportunities in emerging companies from around the globe.

While we actively support our local Ontario entrepreneur community, we also recognize that some of the best investment opportunities come from other geographies. Each month we bring local and globally sourced companies to our forum meetings.

At Keiretsu Forum Central Canada you will see investment opportunities that are totally unique to our members.

Membership in Keiretsu Forum Central Canada is by invitation only and is extended to accredited individual investors who share our vision and will actively contribute to our process. Individual investors make up approximately 80-85% of chapter membership. The balance of our members are Corporate Investors, Sponsors, Partners, and Service Providers.

Keiretsu Forum Central Canada members pay an annual membership fee to maintain their status.

Keiretsu Forum is not a fund and does not invest directly as a corporation. Its members make individual decisions on investments on a common term sheet. Our role is to serve our members by delivering access to the best deal flow around the world.



Desired characteristics of a Keiretsu Forum Member

  • An active and accredited private equity investor.
  • A trusted, honest and respected member of the business community.
  • A contributor of time, wisdom and experience to our member-funded companies and soon-to-be member-funded companies.
  • Someone with the financial capacity to invest funds in risky investments.
  • Someone who enjoys building relationships with other members, the companies our members fund, and who willingly shares his or her expertise with other Keiretsu Forum members as part of the investment evaluation (due diligence) process.
  • A member abides by the Keiretsu Forum Code of Conduct and agrees to the letter and spirit of the organization.

Member benefits

Some benefits to members include:

  • Being part of a worldwide network of like-minded investors.
  • Access to evaluate high quality, diverse investment opportunities at regularly scheduled member-lead deal screening and Keiretsu Forum Central Canada meetings.
  • Expanded relationships built across industries that affect one another.
  • Collaborative business and social relationships between international chapter members.
  • Ability to depend on the support of other members with diverse backgrounds in discussing investments.
  • Access to a broad network of successful entrepreneurs.
  • Active participation in the Keiretsu Forum Central Canada and international committees.
  • Participate in training seminars on investments, trends and management.

How To Become A Member

Please contact Ozan Isinak at or Kevin Sterling at to arrange for an informational meeting. All accredited investors are welcome to register to one of our Forum meetings.

Alternatively, you can start the process by clicking here.

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