Investor code of conduct


Our members are required to agree to a code of conduct which aligns the interests of our other members, sponsors and entrepreneurs.

  1. If a member desires to introduce any other potential member to Keiretsu Forum Central Canada, please contact Keiretsu Forum Central Canada in advance to have the guest fill out the ‘Request to Be A Guest’ form.
  2. All Keiretsu Forum Central Canada members must be accredited investors as defined by the Ontario Securities Commission. All potential member applicants must agree and sign a declaration form before being considered as members.
  3. Member understands that when he/she may learn of private offerings through the Keiretsu Forum, such information is for the sole use of the member (Investor) and may not be reviewed by or shared with others.
  4. Member understands that Keiretsu Forum has not reviewed any information about Issuers that are represented at its meetings. Member will not rely on Keiretsu Forum for any such review. Keiretsu Forum makes no representations or warranties about any Issuer, express or implied. Member understands that he/she is solely responsible for his/her own due diligence investigation of any Issuer before deciding to invest in that Issuer.
  5. Member understands that all negotiations concerning investments (including price, percentage ownership interest and other terms) will take place directly between groups of interested members and Issuers and that Keiretsu Forum is not acting as an agent or principal or in any other capacity in those negotiations or transactions.
  6. Member understands that Keiretsu Forum is not an investment adviser or underwriter for any member and for any Issuer and that Keiretsu Forum takes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of any information about any Issuer communicated to any member by any means or by any person at any time.
  7. Member understands that if Issuer wants a member to agree to other restrictions on the use of the Issuer’s confidential information, the Issuer may require that the member enter into a separate non-disclosure agreement before providing the confidential information.
  8. It is possible that a member may have prior investment in an Issuer wishing to raise funds from Keiretsu Forum Central Canada. In such cases, that member must, clearly and on a timely basis, certainly no later than that Issuer’s presentation, inform other interested members of such prior investment.
  9. Member understands that investing in early stage, private companies involves extreme risk and should be considered only by members that can afford to lose their entire investment. Members should consult their own attorneys, accountants, investment advisers and other professional advisers when considering an investment.
  10. Member understands that Keiretsu Forum Central Canada is not a broker/dealer and may not sell, offer to sell or solicit an offer to buy any security. References to Keiretsu Forum include its affiliates and agents. Keiretsu Forum Central Canada may charge fees to Issuers to defray the costs of its operations.
  11. There is a no solicitation policy for members and guests at Keiretsu Forum meetings and events, and members agree not to use their membership for the purpose of soliciting business to their individual firms.
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