Angel Capital Expo 2017

Angel Capital Expo 2017: June 7/8, 2017

Our 2017 Angel Capital Expo started with a unique networking VIP reception at the Improve Center on the night before the primary event. It was an evening spent along side investors, entrepreneurs, supporters, friends and guests of Keiretsu Forum. Our primary expo was held on the next day at the IBM Canada headquarters in Markham. There were a total of 14 primary companies and a selection of overseas startups that presented to an investor network which came to our day-long event from across the globe. Our Angel Capital Expo is open to investors from all organizations and is a great way for entrepreneurs to not only bring on new angels but also to unlock net new distribution and sales channels.

We invite you to register for our upcoming expo and look forward to working with you:




  • Keiretsu Academy North