Entrepreneur Funding Process

Companies that apply to Keiretsu Forum Central Canada are typically in their series A or B rounds. All candidates apply via our Keiretsu Connect platform. Typically 20-30 companies apply to each Keiretsu Forum chapter every month. Companies that are interested to present at the Forum need to fill out their applications on Keiretsu Connect.

Keiretsu Forum Central Canada Difference

Keiretesu Forum Central Canada Funding Process

  1. Committee Review: The pre-screening process is comprised of two steps:
    1. Applying companies are contacted by phone for initial review of their business model and company status in general.
    2. Upon passing the first step, companies are asked to give a full 10 minute presentation online (not-in-person) via screen share. This step ensures that companies cover the required material and positioning before presenting to the review committee.
  2. Deal Screening: Candidate companies give a 10-min presentation to the deal screening committee (lead by members). The Forum recommends a 9-10 minute core presentation followed by a 9-10 minute Question and Answer session. After all entrepreneurs present, the Screening Committee decides which companies will present in front of the full Forum. The screening committee provides detailed feedback to all entrepreneurs who present at the screening.
  3. Keiretsu Academy: Pitching investors is very different than selling to customers. Often great ideas and businesses don’t get funded simply because their presentations are weak or incomplete. So what separates good presentations from bad? What are investors looking for in a presentation? Keiretsu Forum has developed comprehensive courses for entrepreneurs that help communicate the right message the first time around to investors. To find out more about the Keiretsu Academy click here. The Academy focuses on:
    1. Understanding the 12 keys to a “perfect pitch”
    2. Preparing yourself for the Due Diligence process
    3. Demystifying term sheets and financing terms
    4. Uncovering different funding sources
    5. Learning how to value early stage companies
    6. Avoiding the pitfalls of your corporate structure that hurt your funding chances
    7. Making your sales and financial projections more credible
    8. Clearly defining your addressable market
    9. Solidifying your intellectual property strategy
  4. Keiretsu Forum Central Canada Meeting:
    1. The presentations are 25 minutes long. The Forum recommends a 10 minute core presentation followed by a 10 minute Question and Answer session, followed by a 5 minute mind-share. The mind-share is an opportunity for members to discuss (in private, with the entrepreneur out of the room) the Pros and Challenges of the opportunity.
    2. Presentation Feedback: Keiretsu Forum captures the following information on each presentation and shares it with both the entrepreneur and all interested members:
      1. Gold Sheets: Everyone in the room fills out a brief questionnaire where they will indicate their level of investing interest, participation in a due diligence, providing contacts/resources and all additional comments regarding the company.
      2. Video: All presentations are taped for future reference.
      3. Mind-share: Comments and questions that are captured during mind-share will be a perfect opportunity to initiate the first contact with members.
    3. Keiretsu Connect & Green Sheets: Company information along with the level of Gold Sheet interest and other pertinent data are entered into Keiretsu Connect (proprietary deal tracking platform) where all chapters and members throughout the network will have direct access. In addition, each month our 34 chapter presidents distribute a hard copy version of the previous month’s global deal flow (Green Sheets). Your company will be profiled there the month following your presentation in Central Canada.
  5. Due Diligence Kick Starter: Depending on the level of interest from members, Keiretsu will engage in a two to three week, high-level due diligence exercise where we will assign an expert to start gathering information and completing a due diligence check list. This document is shared with all interested members. The result of this exercise is presented during the following months’ investor forum meeting where members will get another chance to engage with your company.
  6. Due Diligence: Any Company that has been able to gather a group of interested investor-members then enters into a due diligence phase with those Keiretsu Forum Central Canada members. It is common for one or two members to take the lead in due diligence and negotiations with the company. Members collaborate in the due diligence, but make individual investment decisions.
  7. Deal Syndication: After a company has presented to the chapter at Keiretsu Forum Central Canada and has received investment traction from our members, the company has the unique opportunity to present to other chapters around the globe. Members of other chapters may conduct additional due diligence however they benefit greatly from the due diligence that is shared from Central Canada.
  8. Ask us how Central Canada can facilitate your entry into other global Keiretsu Forum chapters.
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